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Please call our studio at (845)534-9120 for pricing, photos and a complete list of our three times lifesize Cats props.

The list of props that we have made for Broadway and other productions includes: The Work Boot, Shoes, Driving Glove, Saddle Shoes, Keds Sneaker, Car Grill, Stove floor panel, Cigarette Packs, Kodak Boxes, Fish Skeletons, Toothbrush, Toothpaste tubes, Thrive Bags, 9 Lives cat food cans, Meow Mix Bag, Milk Carton, Turtle Wax, Tender Vittles, Brim, Burger Chef Boxes, Panel Magic Aerosol Can, Counter Top Magic Aerosol, Dannon Yogurt, Fantastic Bottle, Hi-C Cans, Small Cans, Aerosol tops, Eggshells, Kirin Beer Bottle, Moosehead Beer Bottle, Champagne Bottle, Martel Bottle, Coke Bottles, Schweppes Ginger Ale bottle, Heineken Beer, Coke Cans, Cutty Sark bottle, Drambuie bottle, Minute Maid Carton, J & B Whiskey Bottle, Tennis Rackets- wooden, Tennis Racket- plastic, Paint Brush- wooden, Paint Bush- plastic, Record Album, Teapot, Paper plate-plastic, Pots, Pans, Dixie Cups, Forks, Knives, Spoons, Umbrellas, Sardine Cans, Gas Cans, Coffee Cups, Combs, Esquire cover, New Yorker cover, Tuxedo Shirt, Hawaiin Shirts, Long dress, Bra, Men's Briefs, Nylon Stockings, Men's Vest, Slippers, Bow Ties, Work Glove, Driving Glove, Women's Dress Glove, Knit Socks, Radio, Bed, Pod, Sabers, Tridents.

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