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Camelot Detailed Instructions

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Most pieces are chosen from the Gothic/Elizabethan armour. The only special piece is the suit of armour for Pelinore, which is painted with a rusted finish and is a slightly different style from the other armour.

A complete suit of armour is generally used in the following colors:

Arthur- gold with lion
Lancelot- silver
Pellinore- rust
Mordred- black

A complete suit of armour consists of the Armet Helmet, Shoulder Guards, Breastplate with Backplate, Arm Guards, Gauntlets, Tassets, and Leg Guards. Gorgets can be used intead of Breast and Backplates.

Suggested variations:

G6 Burgonet Helmet with design (occassionally used)
G7 Basinet Helmet (most commonly used)
G9 Conical Helmet (used for chorus)
G10 Mitered Conical (used for chorus)

G22 Peascod Breastplate, decorated
G28 Fluted Breastplate
G29 Fluted Breastplate, decorated
These breastplates can be used with or without backplates, shoulders or tassets.

MG10 Gorget
MG15 Lancelot Gorget
Other large gorgets

Any combination of Gauntlets, Arm Guards, Complete Leg Guards or Greaves can be worn with the Gorgets or Breastplates.

S1 Medieval Shield
S5 Teutonic Buckler
S2 Camelot Shield
S2A Heraldic Shield

TS28- One handed broadsword
Excalibur- One or Two handed broadsword with chrome or brass handle.

P21- King Arthur Crown
P22- Guinevere Crown
or any other stock or custom crown.

Jousting Helmets: Available for Sir Lionel, Sir Dinidan and Sir Sagramore.

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