Costume Armour

Costume Armour provides footlight shells to theatres around the world. Our standard footlights are vacuum formed plastic shells which come in a variety of styles and finishes. We have also supplied them in a durable fiberglass resin. Your imagination is your only limit. Costume armour can provide any custom shell made to your specifications. Our shells are available in the vac-form sheet ready for you to finish or complete ready to plug in and use.

Our standard vacuum form shell molds

Our available styles of fiberglass footlight shells

Our unpainted F shell in fiberglass Here are a few examples of our footlight shells on stage:

Gold painted 7 inch tall vacuum formed shells on a belly dancing stage

Gold painted 12 inch tall vacuum formed shells on stage for a famous cruise line.

Fiberglass footlight shells for Freeman of Color at the Lincoln Center Theatre

Our fully assembled, painted and electrified 12 inch vacuum formed shells

Our shells with a highly reflective gold mylar finish.

Our footlight shells are available in a variety of styles, plastics and finishes.
For those on a tight budget you can trim and paint them yourself.
The most economical plastic is our .030 vinyl which can be cut with scissors and carries a 94 V-O class A flame resitance certificate.
Our .125 ABS is a stronger and more heat resistant than the vinyl but is not flame retardant.
Kydex plastic is our strongest plastic and is available in thicknesses from .060 to .185 Kydex plastic also carries a 94 V-O flame resistance.

Standard Pricing:

For shells in vac-form sheets uncut and unpainted:
.030(1/32 inch) vinyl ...........$35 each
.125(1/8 inch) ABS...............$40 each
.093(3/32 inch) Kydex............$75 each

Fiberglass footlight shells......$150 each (available in only styles F,D,H,J,A and G)

We will cut and trim your footlights for an additional $10 each
We will add a gold bronzing powder paint finish for an additional $10 per footlight
We will supply a fully assembled and electrified footlight for an additional $100 each. Please let us know your spacing requirements.
A reflective gold mylar finish is available for and additional $50 per footlight

Please be aware that all our vacuum formed shells are made with thermoformed plastic. They can melt if exposed to too much heat. Great care must be taken with the choice of lamp and placement within the shell. We recommend LEDs which produce little heat. Other lamps can be used but care must be taken to insure proper wattage, distance of lamp from shell and possible use of a reflector between the shells and the lamp to insure long life of you footlight shells. If you are unsure please test on one shell first to insure your choices will not damage the plastic shells. Fiberglass shells are available in two sizes and are very resistant to heat.

Feel free to call with any special needs. We pride ourselves on being able to fulfill any special requests.
All our footlights are custom made to your order and we maintain a no return policy on custom made items.
All sales on custom orders are final.

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