Costume Armour

Phantom of the Opera sculpture and props

Costume Armour was responsible for much of the sculpture and many of the props for the Broadway, touring and international productions of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera. We are now pleased to announce that we can offer our customers the same Broadway quality sculpture or our own unique economical versions of the same sculpture at a huge savings.

Floor Candelabras Available in three sizes; 7'-10" tall, 9'-5" tall and 11'-6" tall. Pricing is for complete unit or only plastic sculpture. Complete unit includes plastic sculpture, wood backing, steel armature, candles, drips and fake flame effect.

cdfl1.JPG (22999 bytes) floorc1.JPG (22999 bytes)

Small (7'-10" tall)...$3400 complete...$500 for plastic only(6'-6" tall)
Medium (9'-5" tall)...$4200 complete...$700 for plastic only(7'-6" tall)
Large (11'-6" tall)...$5000 complete...$900 for plastic only(9'-0" tall)

Proscenium Lyres Available in three sizes; 5'-6" tall, 4'-1" tall and 4'-4" tall. They can be purchased fully assembled or plastic parts only.
Small...$2800 complete...$750 parts only
Medium...$3000 complete...$800 parts only
Large...$3600 complete...$950 parts only

Small proscenium garland
2'-2" tall x 2'-7" wide
$450 complete with wood backing...$250 plastic parts only

Large Proscenium garlands
Available in two sizes: 6'-6" wide and 8'-0" wide. They can be purchased complete with a wood backing or in plastic sheets. Small....$1500 complete...$500 plastic only
Large....$1600 complete...$600 plastic only

Proscenium Hoop Edge detail
Available in 7' sections with plastic light cove attached or in uncut plastic sheets. Note: cutting and trimming is very labor intensive.
Hoop edge...$900 each 7' section complete
$300 for plastic sheets only

Dressing Room Mirror
Vac-formed plastic top section only.
$600 for assembled top backed with plywood
$400 for uncut plastic parts only

Lair Mirror
Vac-formed plastic top section only
$400 for uncut plastic mirror top only

Phantom mask

$50 for finished painted mask.

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