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Spamalot Armour

Costume Armour created the armour and many of the props for the 2005 Broadway musical Spamalot and the many touring productions which followed. Many of these hard to find costume pieces and props are now available to purchase or to rent.

Click on the pictures below for links to pricing and details:

King Arthur armour
King Arthur jeweled crown
King Arthur crown without jewels
King Arthur gauntlets
King Arthur elbows
King Arthur knees
King Arthur shield
Black Knight armour
Black Knight bucket helmet
Black Knight arms with gauntlets
Black Knight legs
Black Knight gorget with cap shoulders
Sir Bors helmet
Sir Bors helmet with face
Sir Bedevere armour
Sir Bedevere helmet
Sir Bedevere shield
Sir Galahad armour
Sir Galahad elbows
Sir Galahad knees
Sir Galahad shield
Sir Robin armour
Sir Robin shoulders
Sir Robin arms
Sir Robin elbows
Sir Robin knees
Sir Robin shield
Sir Lancelot armour
Sir Lancelot elbows
Sir Lancelot shield
Wizard Tim skullcap with horns
French Taunter armour
French Taunter helmet
French Taunter gauntlets
Mud Castle guard helmet
Swamp Castle guard helmet
King Ni helmet
Knights of Ni helmet
Lady of the Lake stripper armour
Knights of Camelot armour
Knights of Camelot helmet A
Knights of Camelot helmet B
Knights of Camelot helmet C
Knights of Camelot elbows
Knights of Camelot knees
Sir Andrew L Webber helmet
Sir Not Appearing in this Show
Spamalot Camelot shields
Spamalot Camelot shield C
Spamalot Camelot shield A
Spamalot Camelot shield M
Spamalot Camelot shield E
Spamalot Camelot shield L
Spamalot Camelot shield O
Spamalot Camelot shield T
Spamalot Holy Grail shield
Spamalot Find your grail prop grail L
Spamalot Dance grails
Spamalot True Grail
Spamalot torches
Spamalot Halberds
Spamalot silver dagger
Spamalot Angel trumpets
Spamalot twisted sword (Don Quixote)
Spamalot Liberace Candelabra
Sir Bors shield

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